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To celebrate the eternal union of the couture spirit and the world of perfume, YSL Beauté’s VESTIAIRE DES PARFUMS interprets the fashion house’s iconic elements through sensual, voluptuous, mysterious and highly singular compositions.


In the heart of the label’s historic district, 6 Place Saint Sulpice is home to one of its oldest boutiques. In 1979, people who had devoted themselves to Saint Laurent met here. Today, the legendary address is home to the new Yves Saint Laurent designs. The fragrance composed by Carlos Benaim and his team respects the boutique’s strong visual identity, adorned in clear black and white. The spotlight is given to woody notes and a leather accord. buy VESTIAIRE PARFUMS The smoky effect of labdanum with its hazelnut woody aroma coils around a mellow, velvety and sensual leather evoking the sofas of the boutique, like the skin effect of ultra-fine clothes. From this dense darkness emerges the gentle brightness of saffron discreetly blended with bergamot and lavender, whilst a Tonka bean provides an enveloping note, comfortable in a composition that makes you want to try on clothes to feel the effect on your own skin.

TRENCH reveals its refinement in an architectural bottle of sheer, square-cut glass. The ornamental jewel cap mirrors the “grain de poudre” texture of Monsieur Saint Laurent’s beloved tuxedo fabric.

TRENCH eau de parfum is a rainfall of radiant citruses on sophisticated iris, belted with an assertive leather note.

Inspired by the emblematic creations of Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent, Le Vestiaire des Parfums is a collection of fragrances which interprets the couturier’s wardrobe. Tuxedo, Caban, Saharienne, Trench, Caftan: designer wakes, with a sophisticated cut, which revisit these icons.

Waxed in black and worn over a long evening dress, the trench coat seen by Mr. Yves Saint Laurent daringly defies codes. Beyond the infinite reinventions of its material, its color and its proportions, its fitted silhouette, its supple look and its elegant confidence make the trench coat a unique and timeless piece.

A shower of resplendent Citrus fruits on an arched Iiris of assertive sophistication. A charm that operates with an intuitive sensuality with a lively and haughty cut.

Bell case – Hold it by the base to open it.

Moisturizing, purifying, smoothing, toning, anti blackheads mask, cleansing mask, anti-redness mask, anti-blemish, anti-aging mask … The masks cover a range of choices and various properties. Efficient and very useful, they aim to meet every need of the skin.

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