buy THERMAGE® 3.0CM² FACE is a nonsurgical skin revitalizing device that is manufactured by Solta Medical. This system generates radiofrequency (RF) heat energy and delivers it to problematic skin to tighten and regenerate collagen fibers, thereby tightening the problematic skin. It also releases cooling bursts to soothe the skin during treatment sessions.

One of the main benefits of THERMAGE® 3.0CM² FACE treatments is that they are done nonsurgically, which is ideal for patients who are wary of undergoing invasive or minimally invasive skin rejuvenating treatments such as a facelift, dermal filler injection, and botulinum toxin injection.

A complete THERMAGE® 3.0CM² FACE system comes with the following components:

  • A TG-2B Console, which generates RF heat energy;
  • A TH-3 and TH-4 Handpiece, conduct RF heat energy from the generator to the Treatment Tip;
  • Thermage Treatment Tips, which are single-use and sterile membrane tips that conduct RF heat energy to the skin with great precision;
  • A Footswitch, which activates the entire system;
  • Cryogen, which is released to provide cooling effects;
  • Skin Marking Grid Paper, which acts as a guide for precise and uniform heating;

Ingredients Information

buy THERMAGE® 3.0CM² FACE is an innovative skin tightening device that generates non-ablative and noninvasive continuous unipolar RF heat energy. This Thermage device is also renowned for its unique skin protective and pain reliving mechanisms that are provided by the Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT) it is integrated with.

How do I use this product?

You must be an experienced medical practitioner who is trained in handling the Thermage CPT device before you can perform a procedure with it on your patients. Also, it is imperative that you evaluate a patient’s medical history during the pre-procedural session to ensure that they are healthy enough and free from any contraindicating conditions,

When should I use this product?

You should use a Thermage CPT device with a Thermage 3.0cm² Face Tip attached to it on patients who are presenting signs of aging like inelasticity and wrinkles on their face.

What areas can I treat with this product?

buy THERMAGE® 3.0CM² FACE is only indicated for rejuvenating facial skin affected by signs of aging such as wrinkles, loss of contours, and inelasticity. Compared to other Treatment Tips, this membrane tip delivers lesser volumetric bulk heating that is perfect for treating the face safely and effectively.

How long does the product last?

Patients should be able to notice beautiful skin improvements almost immediately after their Thermage CPT procedure. However, significant enhancements are only visible two to six months after the treatment session, as the skin requires time to heal and revitalize.