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THERMAGE® 16.0CM² BOD is a disposable, single-use only tip. You can decide between the 400 REP or 500 REP tip, which delivers 400 or 500 pulses, respectively. The Body Tip is used for passing RF energy through the skin to rejuvenate it, as it is the basic contact surface touching the outer surface of skin during the procedure.

Main Benefits

THERMAGE® 16.0CM² BOD is immensely useful in executing body contouring procedures aimed at rejuvenating the skin tissues of the larger skin surfaces of the body.


buy THERMAGE® 16.0CM² BOD is a single-use, disposable tip. It is particularly designed for reshaping larger parts of the body, like the abdomen, back, and thighs.

Ingredients Information

Specially designed to treat extensive surfaces, THERMAGE® 16.0CM² BOD relies on a precise heating action that better smooths irregular or dented skin or undesirable bulges. The body tip delivers better results at double the speed when treating larger surfaces.



At the start of the procedure, the area requiring to be treated is covered with a grid-patterned stencil.  A cooling gel is applied on top of the stencil. To provide a travel path for the radio frequency to complete the circuit, return pads are attached to the skin on the patient’s back or stomach areas. Once everything is in place, the body tip is used to pass controlled amounts of RF energy to the skin surface.

Thermage CPT therapy requires only one session to achieve the desired results, while other procedures of a similar nature must be applied over four or five sessions.

When should I use this product?

Treatment using buy THERMAGE® 16.0CM² BOD is ideal for treating sagging or wrinkled skin on larger surfaces of the body, like the stomach, chest, thighs, and the back.


How long does the product last?

While results begin to manifest anywhere between two and six months after the procedure, the effects of Thermage treatment itself last for many years, although they may vary from person to person, depending upon factors like age, skin condition, and aging speed.


Where can I order this product for my medical spa?

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