buy MONOVISC® online


buy MONOVISC® online offers the benefits of relieving joint pain and many other symptoms of osteoarthritis that patients feel and experience. It helps provide mechanical support and lubrication to the patients’ joints that are affected by osteoarthritis.

As a resorbable, highly purified and biocompatible injector, it is able to provide patients with up to six months of relief from any pain that their osteoarthritis give them and make them feel. It provides the benefits that other treatments couldn’t provide. It works well for patients, who have tried physiotherapy, painkillers and exercise to get their osteoarthritis treated.

How do I use or apply MONOVISC® ?

The product is injected into synovial space by use of a needle that is 18 to 21G.

Needles and syringes should be properly disposed after injection is done. It is a one-time treatment with results that last for up to six months. Patients have the option of coming back for another treatment for pain relief after the six months are over.

When should I use MONOVISC® ?

buy MONOVISC® online should be used to treat patients with symptoms of osteoarthritis. It is used to treat patients with impaired mobility and who are in pain because of their osteoarthritis. It is an orthopedic injectable that can lubricate and at the same time, provide support to the joints to eliminate the symptoms that patients are feeling.

It can be used as a replacement or even a viscoelastic supplement for synovial fluid in the joints of patients.


How long does MONOVISC® last?
Monovisc can last for up to six months after the injection. As soon as it is injected, it starts to provide viscoelastic support and lubrication that separate the components of the joint so that they do not end up rubbing and chaffing with movement. Different patients feel the pain relief in different timelines with some patients feeling immediate relief after just one injection while for other patients, it takes a while for them to start feeling the pain relief.

Where can I order MONOVISC® for my medical spa?

buy MONOVISC® online is an orthopedic injectable that can be ordered from Licensed practitioners can purchase it in wholesale bulk prices. Orders placed on will be processed within a day if the order is sent before 6:00 PM EST. Orders can be ordered online, by phone or by email. For more details on shipping,

Why should I order Monovisc?

Monovisc is safe to be used for patients that are suffering from osteoarthritis. It can be used together with other osteoarthritis treatments.